How does your arcade work? I don't see anywhere to put tokens.

  • Purchase a power play card from the front counter, or one of our kiosks in the arcade.  You can load and reload your card for any number of credits.  No more fiddling with tokens!
    Game packs are available which give you bonus credits!  Starting at $25 you start receiving bonus credits for every $1 you spend!  Any amount is also available if you want to try out the games.
  • Swipe the game you wish to play.  Before you swipe, the screen will show how many credits it is to play the game.  After you swipe, the card reader will start the game, if you win tickets they will be displayed on the screen, if you swipe more than once for a game the tickets that you have won on that game since you first swiped will be displayed until you move to the next game.  Tickets will automatically download to your card, unless you are playing King of Rings, Wizard of Oz, Spongebob, or the Mega Prize Games which give out tickets to the card and cards or chips that can be redeemed either at the redemption store or the redemption center kiosk.
  • Visit the redemption store to redeem your tickets for cool prizes!